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Welcome to the home page of MegaPOV, the popular collection of unofficial extensions of POV-Ray.

MegaPOV is a custom unofficial version of POV-Ray with a lot of additional features. You can have a look at the sample scene gallery for some example for the use of these features.

If you don't know about POV-Ray you should have a look at the official POV-Ray website.

On this site you can obtain MegaPOV as ready-to-use program for the most common platforms as well as the source code if you prefer to make your own compile. Furthermore you can browse the documentation and the samples coming with the program.

We hope you find MegaPOV useful and would be glad about constructive feedback. If you have suggestions or comments to make or want to participate in MegaPOV development by committing your own patches you can also join the discussion on the POV-Ray newsserver.

The MegaPOV Team


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