Persistence of Vision Raytracer for Mac

Here are the Mac versions of UberPOV .
Minimum is OSX 10.7.4, 64-bit (no support for 32-bit).
Current version is UberPOV-Development-Branch-

UberPOV is an extended version of the free POV-Ray 3.7 ray tracer . More info on the UberPOV page.

UberPOV with mac GUI

This GUI version is compiled with the UberPOV sources, but the GUI is the same as POV-Ray Unofficial 3.8.0-alpha for Mac

UberPOV for Mac does not use the same preferences file (plist) as POV-Ray Unofficial 3.7.0 or or POV-Ray Unofficial 3.8.0 , so that you can safely experiment.

The new ini-options: "Glare_Desaturation", "Stochastic_seed" and sample method 3 are implemented on the preferences dialog (image & Quality panel).
To use the extra render options, put them in an ini file and select that file in the "Files & Paths" section of the rendering preferences. All options in the ini file are processed last and overwrite those set in the preferences panel if listed in the ini file.

You can find out more about UberPOV in the Unofficial Patches newsgroup of POV-Ray .
New features are listed in the 'changes.txt' file included in the archive.
Some examples of the new features are located in the scenes/uberpov folder in this archive.

UberPOV command line version

The command line version remains at version Beta 4 because the demand for a command line version for Mac is very low.
Source and XCode project are a good starting point for those of you who want to experiment.

This command line version is 32/64 bit Intel-Mac only. Only text output is implemented, display preview is not (yet) implemented.
This version is mainly intended to be executed from other programs.
If you only want to write and render scene files, you will probably want the GUI version above!

The archive with the executable contains:

The source archive contains:


This is a rather complex (probably not for starters) project.
But after you unzip the archive and add your name and e-mail adress in the right file it will compile with one click.
Please make sure you read the Readme file included in the archive before you begin!

If you make any improvements, please contact me at yvoDOTsREMOVE_THIS_at_gmxDOTnet and I will try to included them.