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This is not a complete changelist but a list of new features available in the latest version of MegaPOV and in previous versions.

MegaPOV 1.0 is a fresh start, based on the sources of POV-Ray 3.5. Therefore old (pre-1.0) MegaPOV scenes will not run without modifications.

New in MegaPOV 1.2.1

  • Several Mechsim bugfixes
  • Improved compatibility of the PPM/PGM reader with the standard
  • Resolution of problems of the Windows version

New in MegaPOV 1.2

  • Area light trace level control
  • Bicubic interpolation for image maps
  • New features in the mechanics simulation patch
  • Custom tone mapping feature
  • Radiosity improvements
  • Several bug fixes

New in MegaPOV 1.1

  • Media Fur
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) image read and write support
  • New user_defined camera projection type
  • New camera_view pigment type
  • Reintroduced motion_blur from MegaPOV 0.7
  • New post processing feature
  • Connection-connection collisions and faster collisions for mechsim patch
  • Angle of incidence and projection pattern from MLPov
  • Several new spline types
  • no_radiosity flag for objects
  • Much more (complete list in the documentation)

New in MegaPOV 1.0

  • Clothray cloth simulation system
  • Sim-POV mechanics simulation system
  • Film exposure simulation
  • Text object alignment
  • Frame_Step feature
  • Internal function f_triangle
  • sor_spline type in splines
  • Spline accessed like array
  • UV mapping in torus object
  • UV mapping in parametric object
  • Much more (complete list in the documentation)

Features already known from MegaPOV 0.7 or before

  • Listed pattern (before solid pattern)
  • Displace warp
  • Glow effect
  • Time and date functions
  • Timer functions
  • Set directive
  • Noise pigment

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