1.5. Where do I find MegaPOV?

1.5.1. Sources and binaries

Packages with compiled binaries are available for the most common platforms. They can be obtained at the MegaPOV site where you can also find the source code.

The Mac version with its special user interface is maintained separately on Smellenbergh's site.

1.5.2. Documentation and samples

An online version of the MegaPOV documentation as well as downloadable archives in various formats are located at the MegaPOV site - documentation section.

A preview of the samples coming with MegaPOV can be found in our demo section. The thumbnails there have a link to a larger image (640*480) and an mpeg file in case of animations and some description is available there as well.


None of the MegaPOV packages includes the official POV-Ray™ documentation, samples and include files although these are essential for using MegaPOV. If you do not already have installed POV-Ray™ you should get the official version from the POV-Ray™ website.

1.5.3. Discussions

We don't maintain our own forum for discussions. MegaPOV is an unofficial patch to POV-Ray™ and the MegaPOV-Team is just part of the POV-Ray™ Community. That's why you can use the povray.unofficial.patches group for discussions related to MegaPOV. You can also use povray.binaries.* and povray.text.* groups to upload files related to MegaPOV. All mentioned groups are located on news.povray.org.