1.3. Why should i use MegaPOV?

In case you are new to POV-Ray™ and maybe have not even used the official POV-Ray™ before it is not recommended to use MegaPOV. Instead get the official POV-Ray™ from the POV-Ray™ website.

MegaPOV will be interesting for more advanced POV-Ray™ users who are particularly interested in the additional functionality the patches offer. We try to ensure a relatively high quality of the patches added to MegaPOV but still some of these patches are still under development so you have to expect that not everything will run as smoothly as on official POV-Ray™ and that features will possibly change in future versions.

Some people may wonder why a MegaPOV version is still maintained when most MegaPOV features have been incorporated and improved in POV-Ray™ 3.5. Here are some reasons why:

So the MegaPOV-Team collects available patches, tries to merge them into one patch collection and makes it available for the most common platforms.