1.2. What's new

1.2.1. MegaPOV 1.2 - 4 July 2005

MegaPOV 1.2 is our next version. Until now it includes the following new features and changes:

  1. Control up to which trace level area lights are calculated (see Section, “Area Light max_trace_level”)
  2. Bicubic interpolation for images (see Section 2.6.7, “Bicubic interpolation for images”)
  3. Custom tone mapping feature that offers detailed control of how the colors are mapped to the resulting image and how this interacts with antialiasing (see Section 2.7.2, “Custom tone mapping function”)
  4. Radiosity improvements:
  5. Mechsim changes (see Section 2.7.4, “Mechanics simulation patch”):
    • improved collision bounding/hashing system
    • viscoelastic connections
    • global fixation in 1 or 2 dimensions
    • attachments can be limited to 1 or two dimensions (free movement in the others)
    • adaptive time stepping for 4th order Runge-Kutta method
    • new simulation data file format
    • custom forces that can be applied to individual masses
    • more detailed simulation statistics
    • access to simulation forces from SDL
    • various bug fixes and improvements
  6. Bug fix for problem with alpha channel output and bright colors
  7. Bug fix crand in textures resulting in negative color values

1.2.2. Previous versions of MegaPOV

For an overview of the previous versions, (see Section 6.3, “MegaPOV before POV-Ray 3.6”)