Chapter 6. Appendices

Table of Contents

6.1. MegaPOV-Team
6.2. Contribution
6.3. MegaPOV before POV-Ray 3.6
6.3.1. MegaPOV history
6.3.2. Authors of patches in MegaPOV below version 1.0

Here is set of appendices

6.1. MegaPOV-Team

As long as we have to cooperate we can call ourselves The Team. So let's enumerate ourselves :-)

Table 6.1. Current MegaPOV-Team Members

Christoph HormannLinux binaries, developer, documentation
Nathan KoppWin32 GUI binaries, good soul
Włodzimierz ABX Skibadeveloper, documentation
René Smellenberghsamples, documentation
Yvo SmellenberghMac binaries, developer, documentation

Remember! We are not the authors of the POV-Ray™ package. POV-Ray™ was made and is maintained by the POV-Team™. Do not bother them about MegaPOV features and do not ask us about POV-Ray™ itself.