Chapter 1. Introduction

Table of Contents

1.1. What is MegaPOV?
1.2. What's new
1.2.1. MegaPOV 1.2.1 - 24 August 2005
1.2.2. MegaPOV 1.2 - 4 July 2005
1.2.3. Previous versions of MegaPOV
1.3. Why should i use MegaPOV?
1.4. Enabling MegaPOV features
1.5. Where do I find MegaPOV?
1.5.1. Sources and binaries
1.5.2. Documentation and samples
1.5.3. Discussions

1.1. What is MegaPOV?

MegaPOV is a custom and unofficial patched version of POV-Ray™. It is a compilation of separately released patches and techniques released within the POV-Ray™ Community and dedicated work of the MegaPOV-Team.

Many patches from MegaPOV 0.7 were included in official POV-Ray™ 3.5. It will probably not be the case with patches included in MegaPOV 1.0 and later in such a large scale because current official POV-Ray™ development involves larger changes that make it less straight away to integrate MegaPOV patches.