1.2. What's new

1.2.1. MegaPOV 1.1 - 8 September 2004

MegaPOV 1.1 is an update to POV-Ray™ 3.6. Development of POV-Ray™ 3.6 took longer than expected so MegaPOV 1.1 was delayed as well. We regret this but on the other hand MegaPOV 1.1 now also comes with some useful new features:

  1. Fur (see Section 2.5.3, “Fur”)
  2. Type checking (see Section, “Type checking”)
  3. Measurement of dimensions in vectors (see Section, “Dimensions of vectors”)
  4. New spline types:
  5. Sizes of images measurement (see Section, “Sizes of images”)
  6. Reduced memory requirements for each object, depending on the type of pattern being used (see Section 5.4.1, “Reducing memory usage”)
  7. HDR (High Dynamic Range) image type from MLPov (see Section 2.6.6, “HDR (High Dynamic Range) image type”)
  8. HDR (High Dynamic Range) image write support (see Section 2.1.2, “HDR (High Dynamic Range) image output”)
  9. Connection-connection collisions for mechsim patch (see Section, “The collision settings”)
  10. Normal modifier for transforms (see Section, “The normal modifier for transforms”)
  11. String function with numbered output filename (see Section, “Filename with frame number”)
  12. New user_defined camera projection type (see Section 2.3.1, “user_defined camera type”)
  13. New camera_view pigment type (see Section 2.6.7, “New camera_view pigment”)
  14. Angle of incidence pattern from MLPov (see Section 2.6.1, “Angle of incidence”)
  15. Projection pattern from MLPov (see Section 2.6.3, “Projection pattern”)
  16. Custom radiosity sampling directions (see Section, “Custom radiosity sampling directions”)
  17. Randomized radiosity sampling directions (see Section, “Randomized radiosity sampling directions”)
  18. Reintroduced motion_blur from MegaPOV 0.7 with new type feature (see Section 2.5.2, “Motion blur”)
  19. New post processing feature (see Section 2.7.4, “Post processing”)
  20. Fixed bug of MegaPOV 1.0 concerning spline identifiers

Some of the patches from MegaPOV 1.0 are now included in the POV-Ray™ 3.6 update, and some have become obsolete because of changes in POV-Ray™ 3.6. The parts concerning these changes have been removed from this manual, because they are no longer considered as "patches". Here is an overview:

  1. Option End_Row with value 1
  2. UV mapping in torus object;
  3. UV mapping in parametric object;
  4. Fix for using splines in function;
  5. Fix for smooth height_field.

1.2.2. Previous versions of MegaPOV

For an overview of the previous versions, (see Section 6.3, “MegaPOV before POV-Ray 3.6”)